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    CGX-3838 products are listed on the market
    CGX-3838 products are listed on the market 2019-01-09

    After the system's product feasibility, product design and product series verification, Chengguangxing thermoset EMC package 3838 products were officially launched. The product has the following characteristics: 1. Infrared light source, high emission power 2, peak wavelength: 850~940nm3, illumination angle: 90°, pad design compatible with OSRAM4713/4715...

    To the most lovely person
    To the most lovely person 2019-01-09

    On a hot summer day, the sun bakes the ground hot and hot, the twigs of the weeping willows on the road are motionless, the shadows of the trees are shrunk, and the leaves covered with dust are smashing. In the afternoon, people are always particularly tired and tired, just like waking up, groggy and not wanting to move. Cheng Guangxing these most lovely people, fighting...

    The road to growth in basketball friendly
    The road to growth in basketball friendly 2019-01-09

    In September 2015, the Baoguan Science and Technology Park basketball court was officially opened. Cheng Guangxing Business Department sincerely invited partners closer to the company: Joan Technology and Runzhihui, which held two basketball friendly matches on September 10 and September 19 respectively. As a host, the Cheng Guangxing basketball team played an imposing manner and played a style. but...

    Cheng Guangxing team development documentary
    Cheng Guangxing team development documentary 2019-01-09

    On August 21st, 2015, in order to make Chengguangxing's business team and management team more united, stronger and more competitive, and able to better adapt to the infinitely changing market environment, the company's General Manager Office initiated by the Ministry of Administration. Organized the expansion training activities of “Beyond Self, Win in the Team!”, through a tense and orderly extension...