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    What methods can increase the control distance of the infrared emission tube?


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    Infrared emitters are used in many industries and are commonly used in communications and sensors. What methods can increase the control distance of the infrared emission tube? Below, Cheng Guangxing infrared emission tube manufacturers to explain the method of increasing the control distance of the infrared emission tube:

    Infrared emission tube

          In order to increase the infrared control distance, the infrared light emitting diode operates in a pulse state, because the effective transmission distance of the pulsating light (modulated light) is proportional to the peak current of the pulse, and only the peak Ip needs to be increased to increase the emission distance of the infrared light. The method of improving Ip is to reduce the pulse duty ratio, that is, the width T of the compression pulse. For some color TV infrared remote controllers, the working pulse duty ratio of the infrared light-emitting tube is about 1 / 3-1 / 4; infrared of some electrical products The duty cycle of the remote control is 1/10.

           It is mainly used for the emission control signal of the infrared control system. After frequency modulation, the general receiving distance can exceed 10 meters, and the interference can exceed 30 meters. Infrared emitting LEDs are widely used in various infrared night vision surveillance cameras. The product is selected from the large-scale chip package of well-known manufacturers. It adopts strict process quality and strict screening, so that the factory infrared emission tube has the advantages of high power, high definition, low heat generation and long monitoring distance. The material is GaAlAs.

           For more information on infrared emission tubes, please visit Shenzhen Chengguangxing official website http://www.szcgx.com/.

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