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    What are the precautions for infrared tube?


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    Below, Shenzhen Chengguangxing Optoelectronics will introduce you to the considerations of infrared tube, as follows:

           First, it should be kept clean and in good condition, especially the spherical emitting part of the front end can neither contain dirt and other dirt, nor will it be damaged by friction. Otherwise, the infrared light emitted from the die will cause reflection and scattering, which will directly affect the transmission of infrared light.

           2. The parameters of the infrared tube in the working process shall not exceed the limit value. Therefore, when replacing the model, pay attention to the model and parameters of the original pipe, and do not replace it at will. In addition, the current limiting resistor of the infrared transmitting tube cannot be arbitrarily changed.

    Infrared tube

           Third, due to the wide range of infrared light wavelength, the infrared emission tube must be paired with the infrared receiver tube, otherwise it will affect the sensitivity of the remote control, and even cause loss of control. Therefore, when changing the selection, attention should be paid to the wavelength parameter of the infrared light signal that it radiates.

           Fourth, the hardness of the packaging material is low, its high temperature resistance is poor, in order to avoid damage, the solder joint should be away from the root of the pin, the soldering temperature can not be too high, the time should not be too long, so use the metal tweezers to clamp the pin The roots are used for heat dissipation. The forming of the lead bend switch should be completed before soldering, and the tube and pins should not be stressed during the soldering process. The soldered device leads need to be cooled after cutting.

           5. Due to the package, the luminous power of the infrared emission tube and the sensitivity of the photosensitive device are angularly distributed. Pay attention to the installation direction adjustment when using, and adjust accordingly. Note the polarity of the tube and the tube should not be close to the heating element in the circuit.

           The above is the introduction of infrared tube considerations, to learn more about infrared tube related information, welcome to visit Shenzhen Chengguangxing Optoelectronics official website http://www.szcgx.com/.

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