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    Cheng Guangxing team development documentary


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    On August 21st, 2015, in order to make Chengguangxing's business team and management team more united, stronger and more competitive, and able to better adapt to the infinitely changing market environment, the company's General Manager Office initiated by the Ministry of Administration. Organized the outreach training activities of “Beyond Self, Win in the Team!”. Through the intense and orderly development training, Cheng Guangxing’s team cohesiveness is further enhanced and morale is high. Let’s focus on those wonderful projects through two of the expansion projects. The moment and touching moments.

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          1. Expanding the project: grabbing the bar at high altitude

           Expanded content: erect an 8m high iron on the open space, ask us to climb the iron, stand on a 20cm diameter disk at the top of the iron, then leaping in the air, grab the horizontal bar 1.5 meters in front .

           Although the safety protection measures were taken, but jumping at high altitude, everyone has more or less fear. From the pole to the top of the disc is a great test, jumping from the disc to grab the bar. It is a psychological challenge. Some flexible and powerful colleagues can easily get it and have fun. Most of my first-time colleague's face was flushed to pale, and they didn't dare to stand up. We cheered for every member of the training team. When they climbed the swaying high pole one by one, our teammates continued to They cheered and encouraged, and each time they completed a step, they applauded enthusiastically. Finally, all the players successfully completed the training.     

    Expand the high-altitude grab bar      



           2. Expanding the project: collectively overstepping the “graduation wall”

           Expanded content: It is required to collectively climb a wall with a height of 4.5 meters and vertical. No tools can be used. All people must climb the graduation wall before they can graduate.

           Thirty-four people in the team united as one, helped each other, agreed on the goal, and dared to dedicate themselves. When I saw everyone building up the ladder to support, when I stepped on the obstacles of my teammates, when I heard the cheers from the heart after the project was completed, I was proud of being able to be in such a team. A strong sense of belonging has a deep influence on me.

           From another point of view, the completion of a work task, if there is no support from everyone, can help, perhaps they can not complete. Behind the applause and applause is the crystallization of collective wisdom, the determination of the arms of all and the concerted efforts to accomplish the task. Team spirit is not only the spirit that must be carried forward and applied in our work, but also the foundation for a company's development and growth.

    Expanding the graduation wall     

           Good team spirit and a positive attitude towards life are the basic qualities that each of us should have. One entrepreneur once said: Don't think that you can do anything, leave the team, you may not achieve anything; don't think that you are alone, with a team, you may do anything!

           The expansion training is short-lived, but the impact on us is long-term. With the sentiment and harvest of this training, we firmly believe that we can fight incomparably, we will be able to fight invincible, ride the wind and waves, overcome all difficulties and obstacles, and become the development goal of Chengguangxing. And struggle! There are no difficulties that cannot be overcome, and there are no problems that cannot be solved. I believe that the future of our success will be even better! !



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