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    The road to growth in basketball friendly


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            In September 2015, the Baoguan Science and Technology Park basketball court was officially opened. Cheng Guangxing Business Department sincerely invited partners closer to the company: Joan Technology and Runzhihui, which held two basketball friendly matches on September 10 and September 19 respectively.

    Basketball friendly

            As a host, the Cheng Guangxing basketball team played an imposing manner and played a style. However, because the establishment time is shorter, the training is less, and the cooperation between the team members is slightly insufficient. After two games, the cooperation between the players has improved significantly, and there has been new growth every day.

    Basketball friendly

            Here, let us sincerely thank Joan and Mr. Run Zhilin as the outstanding young entrepreneurs. They personally led the team and actively participated in the corporate culture activities, so that the players were happy and moved.

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