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    To the most lovely person


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            On a hot summer day, the sun bakes the ground hot and hot, the twigs of the weeping willows on the road are motionless, the shadows of the trees are shrunk, and the leaves covered with dust are smashing. In the afternoon, people are always particularly tired and tired, just like waking up, groggy and not wanting to move. The most lovable people of Chengguangxing, the managers and operators who fought in the front line, were energetic, orderly and meticulous.

    Module workshop

           The management of the production line of the assembly line is one of the important contents in the daily business activities of the company. Production is the foundation of the enterprise, and the management of the production workshop is to protect the development of the enterprise! The state of the grassroots reflects the state of business management. Follow our lens to see the hard work of colleagues in the front line.

    Module workshop

           Team spirit is a must for the company's development. Without a good team, there is no good unit. Under the leadership and leadership of the leadership, our team members worked together to get twice the result with half the effort. The semi-finished materials were “eaten” step by step, and the material turnover car quickly vacated a large piece. For the employees on the production line, each individual is just a small force, and our unity is a powerful force. Officially because everyone understands this truth, every guy with a low head and a lady are doing their part very seriously.

           It is said that the serious people are the most handsome. Every soldier who struggles in the front line keeps the best position every day and stands up for his own class, handsome! The cute test girl is a ladylike temperament, and she carefully tests every product. Her seriousness always attracts the manager's satisfied eyes inadvertently, beautiful! Our IPQC sister always stands behind me and sticks out the "claw" to test the results of our labor. She is very serious, but she is very relaxed, confident and active in supervision and harmony!

    Module workshop

           This is Cheng Guangxing's module production department, which is our most lovely employees. There are handsome guys who work hard, have fresh and refined ladies, have strict quality supervision, have the leader who urges you to grow up, have a comfortable and relaxed environment, and have the same amount of tasks as the weather is hot. Every day is very fulfilling. It is very challenging to work hard!

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